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Testimonials received from our clients

Name: Marc Parenteau

Email received: Mar -18-2017

Subject: :  Repair service


Not from the GTA area and needed a laptop screen repaired rapidly, Kian was able to get the part and repair within hours. Great service, thank you.


Thank you Mr Marc

I'm very happy you're satisfied.

It was my pleasure

Name: Gary

Email received: Feb -14-2017

Subject: :  My laptop


My stopped booting so I took it to Kian for his assessment. Unfortunately it was an overheating graphics chip so not worth fixing, but still Kian was knowledgeable and able to isolate the problem. He backed up my data which I transferred to a new desktop the next day. Fast dependable service.




Thank you Gary

It was my pleasure

Name: Julian

Email received: Feb -27-2016

Subject: : Testimony


Excellent service! fixed all the problems I had with my PC.




Thank you Julian

Name: Carolyn LA

Email received: Feb -12-2016

Subject: Kian saved the day, don't hesitate for a second to call him.


At the end of the day on a Friday before the long weekend I accidentally spilled a liquid on the keyboard of my laptop. Worked for a short time then the dreaded black screen. It was under warranty and the diagnostics included reinstalling the operating system but I had no back up....yikes.

This is the incredible part. 9:30pm, Friday night, snowstorm outside...I called Kian after searching back up on the computer and seeing 7/24 service. He offered to come over right away. 35 minutes later he was at my house, working through issues on my computer, doing the backup, and fixing the software issues that needed to be dealt with and cleaned up my system. In about 90 minutes he had the computer working and everything back to normal except for the sticky keys which needed to be dealt with through the warranty. Price was very reasonable and worth every dollar. I sent him away with an older computer which we are going to wipe clean and get working again for an economical price.

Kian is a true professional and an expert in his field, he knew exactly what to do and got right to it.

I'd recommend him to anyone with tech issues. My computer is working better than it was before, cleaned up and faster.


A big thank you!  Carolyn

Thanks Carolyn


It was my pleaser, Happy smiley !!!


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