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Stress Management

Learn the signs, symptoms and causes of stress and how to reduce the harmful effects. Diet Weight Loss Emotional Health Exercise Fitness Healthy, eating Memory. And your ability to influence events and persevere through challenges. Dizziness; Chest pain, rapid heartbeat; Loss of sex drive; Frequent colds. weight loss surgery acepts medical los angeles california seven secrets of weight loss Weight Loss Through Meditation – Many people will try just about anything to.

At DHCI we can teach you the skills you need to change from a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier and more joyful lifestyle. We offer a range of stress management and relaxation programs designed to meet your individual needs. This means that we will focus on your unique situation and stresses, creating a totally individual plan.
•Do you want to learn how to lead a more relaxed and happier life?
•Do stressful situations leave you feeling unwell and unhealthy?
•Do you have trouble sleeping?
•Do you turn to unhealthy habits when you are tense and under stress?
•Do you want more joy and happiness in your life?

How to Stop Stress Eating

Let us work with you and teach you
how to be successful.
See our programs to find out what we can do for your health.
Diet & Weight Loss, Eating Disorders. Emotional Health. Exercise & Fitness, Family problem, Grandparenting, Healthy Eating, Learning Disabilities, Memory, Personality Disorders.


Coaching and counselling:
•There is a direct focus
•Coaching is action-oriented
•The client leads with accountability
•There are contracts for outcomes
•The coach teaches, modelling
positive behaviours
•The coach and you are partners


Coaching is NOT counselling!
Coaching and counselling are similar:
•The client wants to create positive personal behaviour change
•The service has a fee
•Professional help is provided

Coaching has always been an integral part of competitive and non-competitive sports because coaching provides direction, teaching, guidance and support. Coaching at the Dunlop Health Centres International uses these same coaching techniques, but applies them to other aspects of your life. Whether you are seeking help to overcome negative habits, achieve specific health or lifestyle goals, or improve your career, a Dunlop Health Centres’ Life Coach can help you define and attain your goal. Coaches act as motivators, helping you through the challenges implementing new positive behaviours in your life. Coaches who model new behaviour, who have ‘been there’ are particularly powerful teachers. In a positive coaching relationship, the ‘expert’ is you and the coach is the supporter. All goals are set by you and with the help of the coach, they are refined until they are SMART: Specific, Realistic, Achievable, Measurable and Timely. All DHCI coaches are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Coaching takes place in person or over the phone as best fits your schedule.

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